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How one life changing decision became a family affair

Michelle is the eldest sister of the family. After the birth of her firstborn, she gained more than 15kg and it took a toll on her health and self-esteem. She tried many ways to lose all that weight gained but it was hard. She tried going on a conventional low fat diet and was running a lot at that time but that stubborn weight just wouldn't go away. 


That life changing decision - Sometime in 2016, Michelle came across the ketogenic diet and decided to go it a try. Physically she lost more than 15kg but mentally and emotionally, she gained strength and confidence again! 

For Michelle's second pregnancy in 2018, she got back to her pregnancy weight one year after giving birth. At that point, keto is no longer a diet to her; it is her lifestyle.


For someone who loved her pastries, cakes, pasta and pizza, Michelle knew these carbs got to go. Her beloved carbs slowly left her life but she is quick to replace them with a new love for ketofying her favourite food.

Together with our mum, Michelle started to include keto friendly ingredients in their daily cooking and meals. It didn't take long before our mum converted to a keto diet too. It made sense since she just had to cook one type of food and she had fun ketofying food too! 


Hafiz also known as Brian is the middle child of the family. He is a fitness junkie and foodie. Oh what a combination! Hence, anything that helps to keep him in shape is worth a try. He soon hopped onto the keto bandwagon too. Only that it didn't last that long for him. Just like how he switches out his workout routines, he switches out his diets often too. He mainly does low carb diets these day. 

Sharifah, Hafiz's wife, is also part of the team to lend a hand in social media, marketing and administration matters. Being a homeschooling mummy, she tends to work only after the kids sleeps. So now you know why we are mostly active in the wee hours of the night on Instagram replying dms.

Our father is a familiar face to many of our customers as he helps out with deliveries. Being involved in Keto Eato enables him to spend more time with the family after spending most of his years working hard for us outside. 

As Hafiz and Sharifah are muslims, the start of Keto Eato helped Hafiz's family get more insights on what is permissible in Islam after going more in-depth about halal food. 

Together in 2020, Keto Eato started as a humble home-based business. With your support and growing demands, we could not handle the volume at home anymore. So we decided to take a leap of faith and here we are with a little takeout store we now call our own. This can only be possible because of you! We thank you for the continual support and we hope to always bring you ketofied food from the heart. 

Team Keto Eato Sg